What you should know about the Causes and Treatments of Fatigue

Fatigue can be also referred as exhaustion, lethargy, or tiredness. It can be mental or physical stress. If an individual is so tired long enough, he can also be mentally exhausted. Though fatigue is basically a symptom and not really a disease, yet, we all should be attentive to turn away from it.

To experience physical fatigue is a health problem, because you may possibly suffer obstacle from functioning at your physical ability’s normal level. On the other hand, mental fatigue is more distorted towards incapability to properly concentrate and always feeling sleepy.


Causes of Fatigue

The causes of fatigue are almost limitless. They are in series from those that cause illnesses that have an effect on the following:

  • poor metabolism
  • slow blood supply to the ‘s tissues in the body
  • infections
  • sleep disorder
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Heart and pulmonary disease
  • mental health

Moreover, some causes are usually categorized under the individual’s lifestyle problems; otherwise, several broad disease concern. What’s more is that people who are overweight and underweight are much more likely to suffer fatigue.Much weight to carry like obese people are probably prone to the risk of developing fatigue. While being underweight can have less muscle strength; thus, very thin people may easily feel exhausted.

Treatments for Fatigue

The main way out to treat fatigue is to know its cause notwithstanding if whether it is physical, mental or a combination of the two. See as follows:

  • Sleep disorder – may undergo therapy called CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), or maintain a routine to get to sleep and wake up in the morning
  • Infections – treat with antibiotics (see a doctor for proper prescription)
  • Overweight and underweight – daily exercise regime and adequate intake of nutrients in the body
  • Vitamin Deficiencies – balance rate of iron, Vit B12, Vit D, and folic acid

More to this, you can also do yoga and ginseng. These help a lot. Most cancer patients who survived reported having an improved quality of life after they do four-week yoga program and/ or a two-month course of American ginseng.


How do a Person gets Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever is a severe illness incorporated with fever due to Salmonella typhi bacteria or Salmonella paratyphi, a bacterium connected to former that often become the basis to a less severe illness. This disease is contracted through the ingestion of the said bacteria, which are usually present in contaminated water or food- that are infected by feces. The bacteria spread all over the patient’s gallbladder, liver, bile ducts and goes through the bowel.

The bacteria responsible for typhoid fever solely make the humans as their source; there’s no environmental reservoirs or animals that have been identified.

typhoid feverEpidemiology

There was a calculated 22 million conditions of typhoid fever occur around the world and and 200,000 related deaths every year. In the United States there was more or less 400 cases of typhoid fever, at the same time, 100 cases of paratyphoid fever most in recent travelers.People who travel to southern Asia more likely got the risk of typhoid fever, which is 6 to 30 times higher compare to other destinations. These include Africa, Central and South America, Caribbean, and East and Southeast Asia.

Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever

Once a person ingested the bacteria known as ‘Salmonella‘, it will attack the small intestine then will enter the bloodstream for the time being. The white blood cells carry the bacteria to the liver, bone marrow, and spleen and multiply and go through the bloodstream again.

Infected by such bacteria, the person may develop symptoms that includes fever, at present. Afterwards the bacteria will attack the gallbladder, lymphatic tissue of the bowel, and the biliary system. In these organs, they will greatly multiply. The bacteria can be identified through stool samples since it passes into the intestinal tract. If ever a test result is uncertain, the blood samples will be taken for additional diagnosis.

The incubation period commonly takes 1-2 weeks, while it takes an approximate 3-4 weeks in terms to duration of the illness. Symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Poor appetite
  • Fever as high as 104 deg. Farenheit
  • Aches and pains
  • Diarrhea
  • Lethargy

Thus, it is important for us to always keep our surrounding clean.

The Importance of Sleep to our Health

Everyone needs to sleep. This is very important for a person’s health based on the study of National Sleep Foundation (NSF). Enough sleep time is actually the main source of an individual to gain energy in order to have the capability to do his or her routine each day. Sleep is crucial which is as significant as nutrition.


How does sleep build up our strength and relieve the stress? This happens while a person sleeps at night. Accurate sleep time heals the exhaustion we used to feel everyday. Especially to those working, they need efficient sleep to restore the worn out energy and become active for the next day over and over again.

However, it is so unfortunate to know that the increasing number of people are holding back on their sleep, which is often a serious problem for many. There are people who have insomnia, and there are also those who intentionally sleep too late for certain reasons. Whether of the two, the consequences of lack of sleep to our health can turn our lives devastating due to fatigue.

Fatigue is a critical problem. This is a personal feeling due to tiredness that in most cases lack of sleep is the cause. Sleep disorder is one common cause. This has a great impact to a person mentally and physically. That is why to avoid fatigue, read the following to know the importance of sleep and why we should get enough sleep time (from the Harvard Women’s Health Watch study):

  1. Sleep facilitates the brain receive fresh information to memory by means of “memory consolidation process.” If you have enough sleep your brain will be active to answer the test in school..
  2. It really helps a person’s metabolism and gain weight: Constant deprivation of efficient sleep may cause your weight to gain and thus affect your appetite.
  3. Enough sleep can help you stay safe, because the tendency to fall asleep while driving, for instance, can be avoided.
  4. Good enough sleep may cause good mood.
  5. Lack of sleep can cause hypertension that may affect cardiovascular health,  irregular heartbeat, and the increase of stress hormone levels.
  6. You will be prone to infections when you do not sleep well, for it can change your immune function.

Get Refreshed with this Hottest Spa Treatment

Maybe you need to refresh and rejuvenate. Our health is very important to live healthy. One of the hottest holiday ideas today is to got to a spa resort. The ambiance of the surrounding will surely gives you soul-calming sense, more than ever if you try one of their spa treatments.


A Thai spa treatment called “Body Herbal Renewal” is one of the hottest spa treatments around the world. The therapy session usually took 5 hours, in which afterwards, you will absolutely feel the relaxation of mind and body to the maximum level that all of us wished to experience.

Below are the steps to experience during this spa treatment:

  1. The scented herbal steam bath and the Meridian Massage are factors that will rejuvenate your senses.
  2. The cuisine will be served afterwards where you can select 3 course menu to be delivered in the spa deck area  of this spa resort. The very good thing in the place is the overlooking Gulf of Thailand. Thus, a bonus of eye-pleasing scenario perks up your holiday.
  3. There are fruits offered too such as  cucumber, watermelon, honey, and orange. This is furnished to  keep your skin bright and smooth.
  4. The final therapy is the foot massage that’s very comforting and really refreshing!

Seeing the fact that we are so busy in our work, we all need to rest and better yet take advantage in our holidays to visit spa resorts. Such idea provide healthy lifestyle to people. Let us stay away from the mundane time of our lives. Let us stop the demands of stress that give us only exhaustion by undergoing a spa treatment.

For easy relaxing, why don’t you visit the nearest spa center in your neighborhood and refresh your mind and body with spa massage?